Slowly, I’ll survive!

Well, it’s been exactly 2 months since I’ve become one of the unemployed.

5 weeks since my unemployment was stopped to be “reviewed”.

I was lucky that all this happened around the time I received my IRS refund. It pays to file early.

Between that and cashing in my little pension, we’ve gotten by.

Now it’s time to put the pedal to the metal!  I think I have finally been hired! I start in a week, get health insurance in July.

That was something I really hadn’t thought about. You get fired, you lose your health insurance, you lose your anti-depression medication. Sort of like a perfect storm. So glad the doctor had been weaning my dosage down!

Worse things have happened and I’ve survived. I know this is just another bump in the road. It’s just a little tougher at my age to even psyche myself up to keep on keeping on. Really,  how many job applications have I filled out!

But, here’s to me!

0314152155aAnd to help keep me busy, here’s our newest addition.



Monday Meeting — Boots the Nanny Dog

What a smart idea!

Soul Gatherings

Boots the Nanny Dog

Nine years after the trauma of Hurricane Katrina rocked his world, a sweet-natured rescue dog named Boots has found a successful new life as a volunteer nanny for nervous kittens at an animal shelter run by the Arizona Humane Society.

Boots, now 12, found his own second home long ago, when he was adopted by a volunteer at the Arizona Humane Society in Phoenix. He was one of hundreds of pets who became separated from his family in the aftermath of the devastating New Orleans flood.

His owner discovered that the Zen-like calm of this golden retriever/chow mix had a happy effect even on the cats in her home. So now, Boots spends Wednesday mornings at the shelter, greeting incoming kittens and giving them a welcome snuggle.

The project is designed to increase the adoptability of the kittens by giving them “one day of positive playtime and socialization” with the…

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More Snow!

I was sure we were going to miss this round of snow!

We’ve been pretty lucky around here compared to most places.

I decided to make the best of it and take Splotchy out to play.



Looks like I’m not the only one getting tired of this. This is the sight that upset her the most.



Guess we aren’t going for a ride!

So, we walked a little while. I let go of her leash so she could jump and play a bit without breaking my hip!



She ran back to the porch to get out of the snow!  Can’t say that I blame her!

11046870_948682588498674_1502761178703906256_oMaybe we’ll wait a couple days to go back to the river park.

Missing me!

There’s something so precious about pets.

The loyalty.  The unconditional love.

This is how Splotchy waits for me.

10562600_10203454379872395_6894588904997630070_oIt doesn’t matter if she waits 5 minutes or an hour. She showers me with kisses and that wagging tail as if I’ve been gone for days.

It doesn’t get any better than this!

Birthday Wishes


I know some people do, but my sister has been so very important in my life. Even though I’m the big sister, she’s the one I go to. She has a lot more common sense and sensible advice than I was ever blessed with!ab_sister35She has helped me through so many ups and downs. She has always been there for me .We don’t always let family know how very much they are appreciated!funny-birthday-8

But I love you Beth! Hope this is your best birthday ever!

From this crazy side of the family ( and yes, we are) best birthday wishes are sent!!



Pets are family, too!

My poor Splotchy is so cold!

She’s sick of winter, like the rest of us here. She normally rides along in the morning when I take my son to work. He has to sit in the back, of course, she sits up front with me! Today I put my jacket on and looked at her. She had curled up on the couch. She just looked at me and snuggled down in. I jingled my keys..nothing.


Now I didn’t want to go out in the cold either!

I’m not sure, but I think I may have been totally disrespected.

101_1562 101_1488

Poor old girl!

The winter chill is a lot worse this year and I know it bothers me more every year.

We can all learn so much from dogs. After I came home, I took her advice and snuggled in with her!

Stay warm!

A New Path

I’ve decided to begin a new adventure.

I’m now starting a path as an independent consultant for Paparazzi Jewelry!  I’m learning as I go and it really is different for me. I’ve always been more of a tom boy type.

It really looks like fun.


Just have to keep trying new things!

Everyone can check out my catalog at

Fun in the Sun

I spent my Saturday at a vendor show, sitting in the sun. It was at a huge pet store in the area to benefit Furever Adoptions.

 We had a great time selling jerky and watching all the excitement!


002004003005001We really did quite well, and I always enjoy meeting other vendors and shoppers. Sometimes, I think it might help deal with my depression by getting out of my comfort zone!  It really was a beautiful day.

Hope to see ya soon!


The Little Teapot

Sometimes when I travel the same routes, I don’t really pay too much attention to my surroundings. I recently noticed an adorable sight in a town right across the river in Hellam PA



007Yep, It’s a cute teapot on a tree stump! Behind it is a victorian home. It’s called The Front Porch Tearoom. They serve high tea, and special events around Valentines Day. I think the cutest events must be The Fairy Princess Tea and The Daddy and Daughter Tea.

008It just shows how interesting the sights are when we pay attention.  I’m hoping to make reservations for high tea soon!


Hope to see ya soon.


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