Side Hustles

I’ve been reading about something called passive streams of income. The articles tell how important it is to have side hustles in this economy. Especially when you decide you have a cat and a dog and want to get a few more. If we could afford to move to a bigger home, the kids and pets would have more room to spread out. I’ve been reading about budgeting and frugal living. It is really interesting to learn different saving tips and ways to stretch out your paycheck.

I started baking all natural pet treats to sell at flea markets and craft shows. I’m surprised by how much I love doing this.  In the past, I would avoid crowds at all costs.  No way could I have pictured myself doing this even a few years ago.  I enjoy the baking and I love the interaction at the shows. The other vendors and people attending the shows all seem so nice and outgoing.

Splotchy is my chief taste taster for the doggy treats and Squirrel is in charge of the kitty treats.  There are so many websites around with recipes for furever friends!  Most of it looks so good I want to keep it for myself.  The variety of different types of treats is a little overwhelming. My baking skills aren’t the best and I am trying to get better. I will tell you, the kids and I have tried more than a few. Some of them are really good.

This experience has also sent me on a bit of a side road.  It can be fascinating exploring through the maze of the flea market aisles.  Don’t forget that old adage of one man’s trash being another man’s treasure. I even placed some ads on craigslist looking for people whose yard sales are a flop or they want to downsize.  Hauling away their leftovers will hopefully help them and give me a free inventory. Checking out these discoveries is a little bit like waking up on Christmas morning and looking under the tree!

Oil and Water

The new 4 year old pit bull,Splotchy and my cat, Squirrel are definetly not friends!  They have now found separate living arrangements. Squirrel will not leave my bedroom. She certainly has let me know she is not at all happy with me. She’s still angry with me for letting the kids move. It took her about a month to come around them. Now she loves the kids, so I hope she soon accepts poor Splotchy.

I feel that my main goal right now should be finding a house for us. Yes,for all 6 of us! I absolutely love having the house filled with my family. Really, I think it has been so theraputic for me. Depression does take a back seat if you stay too busy to breathe! That and finding the right medicine might just do the trick.

The purpose of this blog is to have you keep me company on my journey. I hope you find my blog somewhat interesting. All tips and comments are very much appreciated and encouraged.

I won’t profess to know the first thing about blogging. It’s a pretty big undertaking for someone who knows so little about this new adventure. Live and learn is the motto I now want to embrace. I want to turn my back on the pain and suffering I put up with before I finally got the help I needed. It takes a lot of work to turn your life around after years of depression and an abusive relationship that nearly destroyed me. I’m trying to continue to fight the depression and find the purpose God has in store for me. If I could help anyone, entertain anyone just a little, I’d be happy.

Hope to see you soon!

Nice to meet ya!

I’m just your average grandma. I had my little bitty apartment with a wonderful cat named Squirrel. My biggest concern was fighting the boredom when I wasn’t at work.
Wow, did my world change in the last year! I’m loving it too! My only son and 2 grandchildren moved in with me. I know these days this is becoming alot more common. We were pretty cramped, I must say. Working different shifts helps my son stay sane while always having one of us on guard duty for the kids. Believe me when I tell you living with a 10 year old grandson and 12 year old granddaughter makes life very interesting!
Before long my son had the brilliant idea that we needed a pet (for the kids, of course). First he thought a
ferret would be good. Then changed it to a rabbit,a guinea pig,and a bunch of other ideas. After a while, I just agreed with him, thinking it was just hot air. What a surprise when they came home with a pit bull.
What a zoo! My journey is fun, interesting and as crazy as can be!
I hope you can join me.