Nice to meet ya!

I’m just your average grandma. I had my little bitty apartment with a wonderful cat named Squirrel. My biggest concern was fighting the boredom when I wasn’t at work.
Wow, did my world change in the last year! I’m loving it too! My only son and 2 grandchildren moved in with me. I know these days this is becoming alot more common. We were pretty cramped, I must say. Working different shifts helps my son stay sane while always having one of us on guard duty for the kids. Believe me when I tell you living with a 10 year old grandson and 12 year old granddaughter makes life very interesting!
Before long my son had the brilliant idea that we needed a pet (for the kids, of course). First he thought a
ferret would be good. Then changed it to a rabbit,a guinea pig,and a bunch of other ideas. After a while, I just agreed with him, thinking it was just hot air. What a surprise when they came home with a pit bull.
What a zoo! My journey is fun, interesting and as crazy as can be!
I hope you can join me.

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