May Day

     Can you believe it’s the first day of May already!  Does anybody else understand the gravity of this information. It means the count down has begun until the last day of SCHOOL!  All hell is about to be set loose! 

     Really though, I’m as excited as they are! I love having them around. We get to find new and interesting things to do. The grandkids are getting older, so sometimes hanging around with grandma isn’t the most fun. I’m lucky they still try to humor me. Now we can have more time to discover the area dog parks. Splotchy sure does love to ride in the car. I usually see dogs slobber out the car windows and jump all around in the car. I never saw a dog sit so still and look around as we drive. I think she enjoys taking the grandkids to school most of all. She watches them walk into the school and then checks out all the other students walking around. 

    So many things are different today. Had I been transported to the present time ten or twenty years ago,I would not have believed how happy I am. I would never have believed these new interests. Has Grandma finally lost it. Did I finally flown over the cuckoos nest and not noticed? It sometimes seems like I’m finally discovering the real me. I’m a woman who wants to experience life and enjoy it to the fullest! I’m pretty sure it’s not a mid-life crisis, (besides I think I’m too old for that! But, I really don’t have any real crazy ideas. Kinda dull compared to most, no bungee jumping here! I just want to fully enjoy my family. I want to have a safe happy haven for them, lots of furry friends and foster kids. 

I’d also love to be a lot more self-sufficient. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to grow my own fruits and veggies. I’m exploring new ways to make home made cleaners. I guess a lot of these new ideas came along when I decided to start baking home made pet treats. 

    Amazing how much I’m starting to enjoy each new day! I just want to thank you for coming along for the ride.

    Hope to see ya again!


One thought on “May Day

  1. I’ve been seeing lots of clever ideas for growing veggies, there’s the pallet garden and just today I saw one of those hanging shelf units hung on a wall and filled with dirt, growing veggies!

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