Our big baby


I could not believe it today! I was going to get in my car to leave for work. Who do you think I heard crying! This is the first dog I ever knew that suffered from separation anxiety! I’ve heard about but I never quite understood it. Will somebody please tell Splotchy she’s a big, bad ,ferocious pit bull?
Oh my, I felt so bad for her. It was almost as painful as sending my son off on the first day of school. I really don’t know what to do for her. We got her a crate so nothing would be destroyed by her running around. I was worried at first that she might hurt herself.
She didn’t seem to have a problem. She went right in her crate and laid down, at least for the first few days. Now she somehow manages to get out of the crate or I don’t shut it right. My son told me she was sitting on the chair in the living room looking out the window when he got home from work. She’s only home alone for an hour while our shifts overlap.
My heart just breaks when I hear her crying. I wonder if she feels like she’s being abandoned at the pound all over again. Maybe I spoil her too much. Whenever possible, I take her along with me in the car. We pack up with our treats and water jug and off we go! She is so very good in the car. I’ve had so many people compliment me on her behavior. I’ve been told she looks just like a little person out for a ride. She just loves to sit and look at the scenery.
Any advice for us as far as her anxiety would be wonderful.
See you later!

6 thoughts on “Our big baby

  1. A crate is a great idea, actually. Dogs feel safe in the den-like environment. It also helps to allow your dog to engage in exercise before you leave for the day. A fast-paced walk or some ball in the backyard will help. If you still aren’t sure, there are some bloggers who are trainers who may have ideas. Or perhaps you could hire a local trainer.

    She’s a beauty. Congratulations!

  2. Thanks so much for joining in on the TNT hop!

    Our dogs have suffered from a bit of separation anxiety when we leave them, (or they are really good at drama! :)). A couple things to try: lots of exercise especially before crating, leave a radio on low, and I always say the exact same thing before I leave them. I say, “Be good. I have to go to work. See you later.” I say it even if I am just running up the street to the store for 5 minutes. If I put them in the crate and leave, I say it. I think it helps them understand what is normal and that I am coming back. As for getting out of the crate, our youngest can do it. We had to really crimp the hooks and we use Carabiner Clips to extra latch the crate. Just clip around the edge of the door and the crate wall.

    Good luck! Obviously your baby really loves you. πŸ™‚

  3. These are all great suggestions. A really good trainer would be great if needed. I wish you so much luck with this,

    Terry and Matilda the greyhound

  4. Hi there!!
    I found you on the wordless wednesday blog hop! What a cuuuute baby you have! My Yoda used to cry every time I left the room, unless she had been exercised and fed, then she was perfectly fine… What a big whiny baby! It totally breaks my heart! But don’t give in or they start to do it more!!
    Now I crate her 10 minutes before I leave so she doesnt associate the crate with me leaving..or being alone with me leaving and i periodically crate her on the weekends even when im there and she never cries (much) anymore

    Hope you come visit our blog too πŸ™‚

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