It’s Friday!!

There just doesn’t seem to be another time in the day anymore.  Whenever I think I’m getting caught up with everything, it seems like time fast forwards.  I still want to bake another batch of treats, make some dog toys and take Splotchy for a walk.  Look at the clock-almost time to get ready for work.

Tomorrow is my day to drop off treats at the Treasure Trove. It’s an indoor flea market in Red Lion, PA. I rent a space there to display my pet treats. It’s a lot of fun and I enjoy trying new ideas to attract attention to my treats. They also provide flea market spaces in their parking lot every weekend.
The best part of the trip is for Splotchy! She gets to go for a ride. We always stop by the river for a walk and enjoy the fresh air. It really is a beautiful view.

Times awasting.
See ya later!

3 thoughts on “It’s Friday!!

  1. I know what you mean! I work one full-time job, and I teach a class 1 – 2 nights a week. So my weekends and free time are entirely devoted to my daughter and collies. Nice to meet you!

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