A trip to the pet store

pets3 012pets3 011??????????????????????

I’m trying a new look! I like it, it almost makes it look like I know what i’m doing.

I keep trying to link up with other blogs, but it seems like I keep doing something wrong.  I hope to figure it out soon though.

We had quite the weekend anyway. We decided to take Splotchy along when we went to get our pet supplies. She had a great time and so did we. I am always amazed at the large selection of snacks and toys available. We got quite a bag full of treats.  She did so well for her first time. We got our food for Splotchy and Squirrel. Splotchy was in her glory meeting the staff and other customers. And only had one small accident , maybe she was marking her territory. The ferret was her favorite meeting. They were sniffing at each other for about 10 minutes. The strange part of the visit was Splotchy thinking the dog in the cage could be her new best friend! She ran to the other side of the cage to bond with her new pal. Wasn’t it a shame when she discovered her friend was simply a stuffed dog!

It has been a beautiful weekend. We couldn’t  have asked for better weather. My job requires me to work every other weekend. This makes my weekend off especially precious! I love the time I get to spend with my family.

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