Therapy Dog!


What a lovely day at work today! The residents were treated to a visit from a therapy dog.
They loved it!
I think the visits occur about every couple months. There are so many benefits from pet therapy. Anyone familiar with Alzheimers knows about the dreaded sundown syndrome. No one knows the reason, but it is a change that takes place in the early evening. At that time, we see a big increase in their symptoms and behaviors. They suffer from increased restlessness, confusion,and often aggression. You can just feel the tension level rising.
The pet therapy visits have an incredible calming effect on residents. Pets help them thru their depression. There’s nothing better than seeing a non-judgemental visitor filled with unconditional love. Another important improvement is in their appetite. Quite often they forget common feeling like hunger, they pace and really need to eat and drink to keep up their strength.


It’s easy to see the calming effect on staff, too.
I just wanted to share my day with you!

see ya soon

3 thoughts on “Therapy Dog!

  1. Thank you for this post. Skye & I visit 2 memory units each month but no one has ever really told us what benefits they ( staff) see.

  2. Well I’m glad I posted this story! I sometimes wonder if I benefit my residents, but it always helps to hear a different perspective. You are very helpful and a blessing to the people who enjoy your visits.

  3. Oh, that must be such a treat for the residents. My pup (a rescue from the “mean streets” of Mexico) has to many fears/issues with strangers, but we do visit an 86-yr-old lady we met who lives alone and doesn’t get out too much. I know she loves when we visit – and if I ever show up with out Rita, boy do I hear about it! 🙂

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