Monday already?

pets1 001I hope everyone a great weekend and an incredible Mother’s Day!
My weekend involved attending a yard sale.
Very nice! I had a space at the New Freedom Playground. I’m afraid the weather wasn’t very cooperative, but we still had a good time. Other vendors told me the place was usually packed with both vendors and customers. Only natural fro a less than stellar turnout with showers expected.1297290570jtOXzF

I was interested because the yard sale was also a fundraiser. The New Freedom Lions Club has a wonderful new project called Petals for Puppies. They were selling bedding plants, hanging baskets and herbs to raise money to benefit Leader Dogs for the Blind. They provide training for animals to help the disabled. Sounds like a wonderful proje
ct which I plan to follow.
I sold many of my homemade pet treats and met many pets and their parents!
It was nice to see that they welcomed pets at the sale.
A man even came with his beautiful macaw. Quite a variety of visitors!

I just want to take a minute to thank everyone who checks out my posts.  I’m learning as I go and having a great time!

See ya soon!

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