What day off?

pets1 002pets 4 001

Finally had a nice day to visit our local park!
Splotchy just loves our walks and so do I. I’m afraid that seems to be as close to exercise as
I manage to get. And summers almost here!
I did recently join a local gym, but have yet to get there. Who has the time?  

As you can see Splotchy enjoys resting after our walk!

Wish I could! Working 2nd shift doesn’t really make me a morning person. We take the grandkids to school, go for our walk and start our day. Naps are pretty impossible for me. Especially when my apartment looks like an episode of horders that was plowed through by tornadoes!
Well somehow today needs to be a major cleaning experience!

So I apologize for the short visit. I hope to do better in the future!
See ya!

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