squirrel 001

Finally, after hiding out as much as possible, Squirrel has made an appearance. She topped off a great weekend
at this crazy circus! It was so nice to have my sister visit,(my one and onlt}. Squirrel is known to be very anti social,
but she finally decided to give her aunt some love!
squirrel 002
She doesn’t really enjoy the flash!
squirrel 006squirrel 007

She did venture into the living room Sunday. She’s getting braver. Of course, that was when Splotchy spotted her and ran to play!
She sure wasn’t interested in any of that!
It always amazes me to hear her growl like a dog. I didn’t know cats could do that until she came into my life!
You would think Splotchy would get the message, but no, she keeps trying!
I am still hoping they can be friends someday soon.

Hope everyone had a swell weekend.
And I hope to see ya soon!

One thought on “Squirrel!

  1. Hi Squirrel.
    You sound just like our Ms Fitz. She runs out to visit Dad for a minute and then Zip is back under something or at the top of the cat tree.
    PS thanks for coming to our party!

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