Bath day!

squirrel 012

We were just amazed at how good Splotchy was getting a bath!
She stood perfectly still the whole time. Even gave her daddy kisses!
squirrel 014

We have some lavendar freshening spray for her, but that she really hates. One spray and she’s off to hide.
I didn’t think she would mind at all. Do other dogs have silly quirks like this? Seems to be the only thing that bothers her.
She’s such an easy going baby.squirrel 015

Splotchy and I are going to get some work done today. We are looking for the perfect breath freshening treat.
That is one of my favorite things about making homemade treats. We can change and tweak them until we come up with
an original!
I’m hoping to try a few different types. I would like to try selling them on Etsy.
Just something different to learn.
Nothing too wild and crazy, but really different for me!
Hopefully, we will find a winner!
Hope to see ya soon!

2 thoughts on “Bath day!

  1. Baths are fun. I love water of any kind. Treats are good too. I wish my person would make me some. Splotchy is lucky.

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