What in the world is a growth plate?


Isn’t this quite the sight to see when I get home from work? Seems like my family had spent the last few hours in the emergency room! My grandson, the nonstop whirlwind, was playing soccer with friends after school. I never knew you got tackled in soccer, but that’s how it happened.
Has anyone even heard of a growth plate? The doctor says it’s an area of growing tissue near the ends of the long bones in kids. It’s weaker than the surrounding bone. So they think it looks like a chipped bone and a possible fracture on the growth plate.
He will need an appointment with a pediactric orthopedist. Also spelled $$$$.
Now he is sporting a lovely walking boot and crutches. Believe me, he will milk this to death. Just gives grandma another reason to spoil him!

You just never know what surprises life will throw your way.May 22 003May 22 001

So always remember to stop along your way to smell the flowers and cherish each moment.
See ya soon!
May 22 004

3 thoughts on “What in the world is a growth plate?

  1. Yikes! I do know what a growth plate is from working with animals. Their bones are still growing when they are young so it’s not good when they break them.

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