Good Grief!  Is there anything worse than a super active eleven year old on crutches?  I told you he would milk this, bless his heart!  I’m pretty sure his sister is just about at her breaking point!  Now that she is officially a teenager, they seem like oil and water. She is handling it pretty well though. I’ve been a nursing assistant for years, so I guess I can handle this one. Though one too many  “Grandma!” might soon be trying my nerves.

Really, he is doing pretty well. This is day 3 of crutches, so we’ll just have to wait an see.

squirrel 009

This does bring us to the worst part of the situation. No baseball games  for  him or Splotchy for awhile.pets 4 001

Yes, the disappointment is pretty hard!

And Splotchy just doesn’t stay satisfied with the Xbox. Don’t know what we’d do for my grandson without it!

Hopefully everybody will stay calm throughout this ordeal.

This too shall pass.

Hope to see ya soon!

3 thoughts on “Nurse!

  1. I know how sad you must be because you have no one to play, but be patient. I was on crutches for a week and then walked with a cane for 5 more week. It’s not fun and hurts under your arm. I’m sure that he wants to get to playing with very soon.

  2. Dad says he had crutches a few times and it can really cramp your game playing style. MOL. He is a RN and thinks you will be able to handle anything this young lad can present.

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