Raining Again


What a lovely day to drive the kids to school!

I just hope I remember days like this during the summer heat waves. Maybe  I won’t complain as much.

20121013_101950_zpsdcbd0642It  always make for a fun walk with Splotchy too! She really is not a big fan . Of course, that rotten squirrel running across our path didn’t help matters much! I never will understand how she thinks she can catch a squirrel, bunny or bird with me hanging on to the leash for dear life!  I believe she would sit at the base of a tree for hours waiting for that squirrel or bird to come down. I can’t wait til we find a house with a yard for her to run around in on her own.

Last night we all went out to eat and left Squirrel and Splotchy alone. We very carefully put the baby gate up between the kitchen and living room. I made sure the bedroom door was shut so Squirrel had her room to herself. We really weren’t gone very long.

We came home to find the bedroom door open and Splotchy on the wrong side of the gate! How this dog that pretends to need help getting in the car sometimes jumped that gate is beyond me. I guess she couldn’t jump back into the kitchen or maybe she just didn’t want to. And how  did  my bedroom door end up open?

Squirrel was in her favorite hiding spot under the dresser. She yelled at me for a little while, then all was forgiven. One thing, since Splotchy came to join the family, Squirrel is much more vocal and affectionate. I love that!

Just can’t wait to see what the weekend brings!

See ya!pets3 017

5 thoughts on “Raining Again

  1. It’s hard when it rains. It’s been raining here too and so glad it finally stopped. Happy Weekend. Golden Woof!

  2. I can open all the doors. They tried a gate across the kitchen door when I was a pup. I just pushed it out of my way, I don’t think it’s my fault that the doorframe was damaged!

  3. You’d be surprised at what dogs can do WHEN THEY want. I put BJ behind a baby gate to keep him out of the living room when I was work. When I opened the front door, there he was greeting me at the front door as though nothing was amiss.

    So much for a baby gate.

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