Back to School Kids!

Memorial Day weekend is over and the kids are going back to school!Back-To-School

Of course, they are counting down the days to summer vacation. I am too, I really love to have them around. Even when they begin to get on my very last nerve!  Since they are now at the ages of 11 and 13, I know they won’t want to always spend time with grandma. The difference between a grandson and a granddaughter is so interesting though. My grandson is a perfect mini me of my son. Same as his dad, this is the age when friends become a major part of life.  Running and playing are all that seems important. We think we have about a week of the crutches left, or he will go out of his mind!

A granddaughter seems to be so different. She is more of a loner. Perfectly happy to be home with grandma and a book. She is changing so much and becoming a lovely young woman. We are becoming best friends.

I’m selfish and I worry about me!  What do I do as they grow up and grandma takes a different role in their lives. I really believe my depression started when my son was about their age.  I had lost my identity. My life had been so full of him, his friends, his sports, and all his interests.

I guess it happens to a lot of  women. We get so caught up in others we let ourselves suffer. I do hope I do better this time around. I have my blogging, my craft sales and now an Etsy shop, that I really need to get busy with.

crazycatladyshirt20small Or maybe I’ll revert to my original plan of becoming the towns crazy cat lady.   Come on, we know every town needs one!

I’ll stay busy!

I’ll be fine!

See ya Later!

4 thoughts on “Back to School Kids!

  1. You WILL be fine! I never had kids of my own, other than the furry, four-legged ones. My stepson was 9 when his Dad and I got married. Now he’s married with a son of his own — and a 2nd one on the way — so my life pretty much revolves around the dogs. But I try to stay busy during the day. I need to start on my Continuing Ed courses, but I’m taking a little break first. I have a bunch of stuff to catch up on, but when I look at the pile, it overwhelms me. I’m tempted to say the he** with it. 🙂 So, what do you sell in your etsy shop?

  2. You have lots to keep you busy so you’ll be fine! I found that when my kids left and went to college keeping busy with other stuff kept me sane!

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