5-28 001

What an energetic baby! Now that my grandson is about to be able to ditch the crutches, think we just might have some calm?
Of course not.
Now we have to watch Splotchy start to limp!
It’s only occasionally, but still something else to worry about. I’ve read that pits have a lot of joint problems. Her back legs seem to be the problem. She doesn’t seem to have any pain and still runs and jumps like always.pets 4 002

Yeah, she’s got her own pillows and blanket.
Not many toys, she never has been interested in them.

pets1 001

Just likes to stretch out and relax!
We will be sure to monitor her closely. There are so many products for joint health,
we won’t let her hurt. We can find out and see what works.

I’ll let you know what we find out.
See ya!

9 thoughts on “Splotchy

  1. Hi! Saw you liked our blog! Thanks! I just read this and am noticing how she lays. Have you checked for hip dysplasia? I have that and mom won’t let me lay like that because it is bad for my hips. Also I get special food and treats since I am so young and mom wants me to have a great long life! Please feel free to join my facebook and ask her about it!


  2. Splotchy, you’ve been through a lot and I hope your limp is not serious.

    I fell out of my mom’s arms in September and although I didn’t break anything, I was limping and my body hurt. Mom took me to a vet who gave me 8 treatments of cold laser and chiropractic work, and I’m back to my 13 year-old self, running in the park and jumping of the bed and furniture. 🙂
    She decided if she took me to s regular vet, he would just give me pain killers and muscle relaxes, and she didn’t want me taking all those meds.

    If your mom decides to try it, let me know and I’ll tell you the kind of credentials she should have.

    Hugs and licks, BJ

  3. Yes, we will soon be going to the vet. She doesn’t show any signs of pain, thank goodness.
    Your vet seems great. We’d love to have information on the credentials.
    I don’t want Splotchy on a bunch of meds if we can help it.

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