Leo needs a furever Home!

Leo needs a furever Home!

I’m hoping this works. I’m trying to send everyone a link so someone may be able to help Leo!


Monday meows

The kitties had quite the weekend!
After suffering from the nasty ear mite invasion, I wanted to clean them up a bit. They each had a bath. GS hated it, crying just a bit. Bendetta decided it was a fun adventure! He walked around in the tub enjoying the water. I didn’t even have any problems rinsing her off. I wish I had a video of them walking around when they were drying themselves off. Squirrel rushed to their aid with additional grooming help.

6-30 002

GS hides between the dresser and wall as soon as I walk in the room!

6-30 004

Believe it or not, GS thinks she’s hiding under one of the dressers. Cute, but not real bright.

6-30 002

6-30 006

Bendetta just relaxes in my wash basket without a care in the world!

6-30 001

Laying in the windowsill drying off the rest of the way. You might also notice they have pulled the blind apart!

Still, I wouldn’t change a thing!
Hope to see ya tomorrow!

The sun is shining

pets3 005

Anyone who knows me, knows I have suffered from depression for a while. I pretty much have it under control now, with more good than bad days. I think having my family near and our spoiled pets are a big factor. The right medicine, doctor and counseling are also important. I’ve been very lucky to have a great counselor who thinks my blogging as a form of journaling is very helpful.
My doctor also listens and supports my treatment.
My counselor recently moved a few towns over, but the drive isn’t really so bad. We’ve also cut way back on my sessions because she says I’m doing great.
Last week my doctor informed me she too is moving. Great, I thought, more gas to be guzzled.
She’s going to Africa to do missionary work! Really? I’m starting to get some major abandonment issues over hear!
Good for her! Imagine what a brave step she is taking in her life!
Maybe I should get a few more cats and dogs to counteract this new development!cute-dog-40

The more the merrier, right?th

course I can’t forget the cute kitties.



I’m sure the township will bend their ordinances about the number of pets in a home just this one time. Hey I think I might get a prescription from my doctor before she leaves!

Hope to see everyone soon

Kitties on the Prowl

kitties 002

What tiny little kitties!

6-25 039

Can you see how they’re growing! Just like the grandkids, they’re growing up too fast!

6-26 001

Bendetta is venturing out into the living room to explore. GS does on a rare occasion. Splotchy doesn’t mind when the babies explore. The only problem is Squirrel and GS have a habit of hissing and growling at Splotch!
This just makes them so much more interesting to her.
6-26 001

I wonder what the chances are of the cats ganging up on poor Splotchy. So far, the biggest loser is always a scratched up nose of a certain unnamed ferocious pit!

6-26 007

No wonder Squirrel has been hitting the nip!
Hope the critters behave for awhile.
Hope to see ya soon!

Splotchy Update

I just wanted to update everyone on Slotchy. She really does seem to be doing a lot better. She has no signs of pain and her limping is lessening. I don’t know if it’s the brace (which she hates!), the supplements or the combination of both. As long as she is feeling better, I’m happy!

6-25 049

She just needs to take it easy for awhile in her favorite spot. At one time this was my recliner! She likes it because it’s right by the window and she can hear her daddy coming home. Grandma is just her second choice. Splotchy and I have both had a rough week because the grandkids are away. I’m not sure which of us is missing them most.

toys 001

This silly homemade toy is her favorite. An old sock stuffed with more old socks!

toys 003

This was a favorite until mean old grandma took it away! Believe it or not, it was once a baseball.
She wasn’t to happy when I took it away for her own safety!

I wonder if anyone else knows the answer? When Splotchy first came home to us, she was never interested in any toys. We would give her one and she would glance at it and walk away. Now these chew toys have become quite important to her. She doesn’t want any of us to play with them and quickly take them to her bed for safe keeping. This sudden interest in toys just seems strange to me.
more 003

If only I could read her mind! I’m afraid she might have simply been a breeder before we found her. Maybe nobody really cared enough to love her and let her play with any toys. Amazing what goes through this mind. Whatever happened before, we are doing our best to make up for it. She so loved and spoiled now that I hope her past is just a very distant memory.

Wishing everyone a very special day.
Hope to see you soon!


Ear What?

I guess since I’ve been spending extra money on Splotchy and her medical problems, the cats felt left out.
A friend of ours came over to see the cute little kitties. She knows a lot more about them than I know. It didn’t take her long at all to tell me the two new kitties have ear mites. I know to watch out for ticks and fleas. I had never even heard of ear mites! Luckily, the medicine for those aren’t too crazy. They sure are creepy though. Reminds me of the one Star Trek show where creatures entered the brain through the ears!

kitties 027

6-12 020

I don’t have any pictures of them getting the drops since it takes about 5 hands to get it done! We put the drops in and then massage the ears. Sounds easy enough. So I wonder why I seem to get more on me than in their ears!

6-12 019

They seem to know when I plan to give them too. It takes longer to find those kitties than to administer the drops!
Not sure how Bendetta always finds the best hiding spots.

6-12 030

The good news is that after only a couple days, I think we took care of those nasty mites. Knock on wood that nothing new comes along.

I’m struggling this week since the grandkids are visiting other family members. I know they drive me bonkers but it really is too quiet here. No fighting, no xbox, not even a tiny apartment filled with half a dozen of their closest friends. What did I do with my time before they moved in? I always thought peace and quiet was highly over rated anyway.

Well, I hope they soon get back to the circus! A one-ring circus is no where near as much fun as the 3 ring circus I love!

Hope to see you all soon!


Peaceful drive

Since I’ve been so stressed about Splotchy and finances lately, I decided to go off by myself. A peaceful drive in the country always seems to help.

cocoa 001

cocoa 003

I always think the shadows make a neat view.

cocoa 032

cocoa 004

For some reason I love the old barns in the area. I really wish those walls could talk. They must have interesting stories to tell.
Time to get back to reality a little relaxed and refreshed. I just ordered “super” supplements for Splotchy, along with a knee brace. This will give a chance to see which vet had the right advice! If this doesn’t show some improvement we will just have to go with the surgery.
Splotchy is standing at my side with her little butt wagging like crazy! This is her message to me that we need to go for a walk now!
Thanks again for all the advice and concern. It really does mean a lot to us.

See ya soon!

My fur niece

I forgot all about my visit with my furry niece, Cocoa.

Splotchy is resting at my feet with her new pile of toys. I just had to stop at the pet shop and spoil her! She is doing well with her pain meds and slow walks.

cocoa 007

This is Cocoa! She’s an Australian Shepherd. If the family goes outside with her, she works so hard to herd us into one group! Now she isn’t a big fan of any other dogs in her territory. But, she loves it when her auntie brings treats.

cocoa 010

Slowly checking while I unpack the treats.
cocoa 011

Yes, it’s time to venture further.

cocoa 023

She really is a beauty. I’m afraid my pictures don’t do her justice at all. Cocoa is always on patrol protecting her house and her humans! I think her favorite pass time is looking out the window. She keeps an eye on the neighborhood.

cocoa 012

Told you she likes my treats! She really is a sweetheart.
cocoa 019

She also likes to get her picture taken!

I want to thank everyone for sending good thoughts our for Splotchy. The vet said since she is in no pain and walking with only a mild limp, postponing surgery is fine. Any signs of discomfort or any other problems and
we will have her there in no time. Amazing how quickly pets can enter our hearts. Everyone needs that unconditional love.
We are having flash flood warnings here, so I get to stay trapped in the house with the grandkids. This will probably
be one day I’m glad to go to work!
Hope to see ya soon!

The Vet

Splotchy was doing so well with much less limping. I thought the rest and supplements were helping.
We even went on a walk where I let her off her leash. She loved it and chased a butterfly!
She came home and was so much more frisky than normal. She did go a bit crazy trying once again to catch Squirrel.

She took a nap and when she woke, she was dragging her back leg. We called the vet and got her an appointment.
Luckily, they had a cancellation and could see her right away. We had to carry her in!

cocoa 038

She sure wasn’t happy to be there. I cried during the exam. The vet moved her back leg every which way. Made our baby whimper. The bad news; a torn ACL.

cocoa 037

The vet arranged for her to have surgery today, we went to pay the bill. Since we didn’t have the full amount, the surgery has been postponed. No payment plans available. The operation will cause $1,900. Poor Splotchy.
After bring her home, she rested for awhile. The vet gave her a shot for pain and I think it made her tired.
She has been walking find this weekend with only an occasional limp. Once and awhile she has a hard time standing up.
Hopefully, we can find a second opinion who has payment plans.

Quite the eventful weekend after all.
Please send us any tips and prayers for Splotchy. I’ve been reading that this injury is quite common in pits and larger breeds. The vet thinks her ACL might have been partially torn before. That was why she limped before. Then
by being extra active Friday afternoon, she tore it worse. She is the best dog, there isn’t any sign of pain.

I know we’ll figure something out. We always do.
june 006

Hope to see ya soon!

Friday’s here!

The week is over. I had off from work this week and didn’t really get anything done! But I had a nice time just hanging out with family! Having a yard sale Saturday.
The rain is supposed to take the day off. I might get lucky and sell all my pet treats!
If not, I’m pretty sure Splotchy will be able to handle the leftovers.
I’m hoping to get to my sisters house to see my fur niece! She’s a spoiled dog, just like all the pets in my family!
I’ll be sharing those pictures Monday if all goes well.
Even with the dark clouds and chilly winds, my grandsons’ baseball game went on!

kitties 030

With all the down time, I get to spend more time with the babies. Bendetta is slowly getting bolder. G.S. is all ready
raring to run all around the house..the heck with Splotchy. G.S. actually growled at Splotchy earlier today!
Who knows what’s gonna happen with that!

kitties 016

She looks so sweet and innocent in that picture. Don’t let her fool ya!

more 002

Splotchy’s ready to lose it and become a demon dog!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone,
See you soon!