Fashion Show

Well, we certainly had a lazy weekend!

I should have gotten so much down around here. We all just relaxed and enjoyed the time off.

And for once, I have no regrets about it. No nagging guilt for me!  I am kinda bogged down with the dreaded  “Could’ve, Would’ve, Should’ve Syndrome.

But no more!  I want to enjoy my days and time spent with family.

I did read so many emails my eyes got blurry. Many of the posts and newsletters were sad this time. I red way to much about shelters that are quick to put down our precious pets. I’m still digesting them and trying to decide what I can do.

But to brighten up my Sunday , we had a small fashion show!

june 006
We never tried this before so we started small with the chic bandana.

june 008
Then onto bigger and better items.
june 009

I wasn’t sure if Splotchy would go along with the idea.

june 010

She is so easy going.

june 017

This is about the time she tried to ask my son for help!

june 016

Being beautiful gets so tiring.

june 018

Done for the day!

Shame she doesn’t have enough hair for bows.
We still had fun!

See ya soon!

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