Run!! Grandma’s working overtime!

picasion.com_6a6663acd1a77c616cb5751293c30fb2Well, this might be an exaggeration, but not by much. My granddaughter loves to draw, so today she can be my guest illustrator.
It’s true, after weeks of no available overtime it’s back. It really wasn’t that long ago that I could work double shifts without a problem. Now the kids probably dread it. It makes school mornings hell on earth.
At least they only have a few more days, then I can sleep in.
I only do half shifts for overtime, but I’m beat! Working 3 pm to 3 am is more than enough for me!
Until I get better at my side hustles, it will have to fit the bill.fairyI worry about these kids. They seem to be as weird as me.

Tonight is just a regular 8 hour shift, so I should be awake tomorrow.
I guess Splotchy wasn’t to happy with me either.
She chewed off her harness and left it by the door for me!

Hope to see ya soon!

4 thoughts on “Run!! Grandma’s working overtime!

  1. Splotchy is saying it the way it is. Leaving me for that long does not make me happy. The harness in front of the door says he wants to go for a walk.

    The other issue deals with the fact that we are getting older not younger. . I hate to admit I entered a new decade as a senior citizen and am still trying to keep up my old pace.

    Good luck and have a restful summer.

  2. Overtime stinks. I mean, money is nice, but yuck! I hope it slows down for you soon! For the critters and kids sake anyway, MOL

    Hey, you left a comment on my blog about looking for another kitty soon? Have you looked at the Winnie’s Wishers on Chrystal’s sidebar? They’re sweet wonderful rescued kitties! I should know, Leo came from there, MOL Anyway, if and when you get to adopting, please check them out? Good luck!

  3. Dad used to do that ot thing and liked it a lot. Now he does a different job since his accident and is happy to be working. His work just started flex time so he has 2 more days off (Yay. To play with us) a month by working 9 hour days.

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