Cell phone problems

pets 002

I have a feeling Splotchy is ready to leave town!
And it has to do with my problem with my cell phone. Notice, I blame the phone and not my son or grandkids!

I always carry my phone and work in case of emergencies.
No we aren’t allowed to have them at work.
Yes, I’m pretty sure everyone has one.
The problem is the text messages I received from my son last night.
You be the judge:
1st text from my son
“Would you like a kitten, they are litter trained.”
I was busy and missed it.
2nd message
“Sis says your silence means you want two”

OK, remember we are looking for a house. We don’t have one yet. We live in a very small apartment!

I decided to try to discourage them by asking if they had all their shots and were spayed or neutered. At least I hoped it would buy me time until I could call them.

The 3rd message:
We brought home a black furball with white paws and a cream colored one that also has white paws.
They are getting used to your bedroom. Splotchy hasn’t met them yet.”


Well they are adorable and we are keeping them, but really!
I’m beginning to feel like I’m living on the ark. Soon they will be bringing in the ponies!

I will be sharing lots of pictures tomorrow. I’m afraid the camera batteries are dead and the Xbox has stolen all the other ones.

He said the mama cat had a litter of 5! I guess I should be grateful that they only brought two home.

If there is room here for me when I get home from work I
Hope to see ya soon!

10 thoughts on “Cell phone problems

  1. Love your post! Luckily, my stepson and his family live in their own home, about 2 hours away. I love them dearly, but they need to live their own lives; and we need to live ours.

  2. Wow! I’m gonna try that approach with my Mum cos she keeps saying I can’t get a cat! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see them,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

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