OK I got new batteries in the camera. And I have the cutest kittens here at the circus!

kitties 030

This little sweetheart is named Bendetta. My grandaughters, she says the name means blessing. I will be calling him Benny,I’m sure. Even though i have already been corrected repeatedly!

kitties 003

This one is my son’s. She is named G.S. It stands for Good Squirrel. Very mean jab at poor Squirrel.
Must work on changing that.
Splotchy is being introduced very slowly. She’s doing great mainly because kittens love everyone. They don’t mind putting up with her sniffing. Squirrel will not even hear of this.

kitties 015

They are doing great. Eating, drinking and using the litter box.
You probably wonder how Squirrel is doing with them. You remember she still hasn’t fully forgiven me for allowing Splotchy to move in. ( or the kids for that matter)
I’m very proud to announce that after a few minutes of hissing and swatting, all is well!

kitties 007

The new toy I gave Squirrel did not impress her at all

kitties 022

But mama Squirrel is even helping them learn the proper kitty litter etiquette. She might also just be awfully glad
they brought home 2 kittens instead of 2 pups. It really would not have surprised me a bit.
While I love having the house overflowing with family, both the two and four legged kind, I really think we are at full capacity right now

kitties 019

Can’t believe Squirrel allows the little to pull at her tail!
You know they are so cute and the perfect excuse for not getting much done today!
Somebody has to play with them til the kids get home!

See ya soon!

12 thoughts on “Kitties!!

  1. You are a very good and tolerant grandmother. But then again, grandmas are like that. Must be nice to have a full house again. Stems the loneliness.

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