Not more rain!

Everyone has off  today, except me!   Kids summer vacation has officially started!  Somehow my son got a day off too!  I have to go to work.

kitties 004

I guess this will be my normal morning view.
Thank goodness for Xbox when it rains!

kitties 001

The kittens have worn themselves out playing and exploring their new home!

kitties 003

At least they seem to like their new bed!
Neither one pay the slightest attention to Splotchy. They just ignore that whining from the doorway. Bendetta ventures through the door to explore the closet. What is it with cats and closets? Must just seem like a magical place!

I’m going to play with the kittens for a little while. Then it’s off to my most hated chore, the laundromat!
When we finally find a house, the very first purchase will be a washing machine!!

kitties 025

Have a wonderful weekend!
I hope to see you soon!

8 thoughts on “Not more rain!

  1. When kittens are born they are instructed to go to the back of closet and curl up on anything soft or in a shoe. That’s just the way it is. They look really cute on their new bed.

    Oh, and when you come back with your clean, warm clothes, expect the kittens to be right on top to inspect it. My dog does that.

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