Blah, it’s Monday

It’s Monday and it’s raining again!  I just hope this isn’t an omen of Summer attractions!  At least Saturday was nice. I managed to see half of my grandson’s baseball game before heading off to work. Not sure how the team feels about it, but I love cheering them on.  The 11-12 year old league players get so excited and involved in their games.

I want everyone to know Squirrel has been won over by the kittens! Totally won over.6-10 002

I couldn’t believe Squirrel allowed G. S. to just lay on her like this.

6-10 001

But then again, who could resist?

6-10 007

Bendetta is much more camera shy! It’s great..after a long night at work to come home to such cuteness!
Now if Splotchy would mellow out a little bit all would be perfect. I know she doesn’t want to hurt them, but she just gets so excited. I brought their blanket out to her and gave them a new one. I don’t know if it wil help or not. I thought that might let her get used to their scent easier. Maybe they will become old news to her soon.
6-10 004

They sure are wearing Squirrel out. She has become “the kity caretaker.”
Wonder if I could get her to train the grandkids to clean up after themselves!

I’ve been very upset learning and researching puppy mills in my area. Those ugly thoughts are greatly diluted by listening to the kitties and their little bell collars while I’m dozing off!
Balances out the good and evil, I suppose.
We all want to wish you a week,
and hope to see you soon!

6 thoughts on “Blah, it’s Monday

  1. We’ve had days and days of rain here and Gizmo’s been really bored…Finally got a break today and a chance to play outside

  2. Hopefully, letting Splotchy get the kittens’ scents via their blanket will help some in getting her to accept them…it supposedly helps a dog get to “know” and accept a human infant before s/he is brought home from the hospital.

    We’ve had rain here, too, since Thursday night. It’s partly sunny/cloudy right now, but we’re supposed to have a few nice days now before the rain starts again on Friday. I’m beginning to feel “moldy”!

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