Cutest kitties!

6-12 010

I hope G.S. doesn’t take a bite out of Bendetta’s tail by mistake!

6-12 009

Squirrel has her moments when sharing isn’t much fun.

6-12 030

I don’t know how Bendetta got in my dresser drawer, or how she opened it!

6-12 016

Such manners!

6-12 002

Splotchy feels left out!

6-12 004

6-12 003

She settles for stealing the kitty toys!!

6-12 034

Even the stuffed dog gets a workout at our place!

Enjoy your day’
and hope to see you soon!

12 thoughts on “Cutest kitties!

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  2. I can tell you love your pets. Me too! I have four rescued cats and I’m going to start fostering. I appreciated your post about puppy mills too. They’re so heartbreaking 😦

  3. Hi, Thanks for signing up to my blog. My friend Mrs Vincent has just ‘rescued’ a young cat. I haven’t met her yet. I hope she’s as much fun as your kitties.

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