Dumpster Dogs

We were so upset and disgusted by a news article today!
The SPCA in the nearby city of York, Pa was called to a scene by the police. The police were called because someone thought they heard kittens crying in a nearby dumpster.
I am glad someone had the decency to call police and not just ignore the cries.
What the police discovered wasn’t kittens but 5 severely mutilated pit bull puppies. The umbilical cords were still attached.
The puppies were rushed to the vets, but had to be euthanized. They were in great pain and missing limbs.
The SPCA said the injuries were caused by either the mother pit or an aggressive dog when the pups were born.
The worst part is that someone just threw them in a dumpster to die a slow and painful death!
There is no sign of the mother and many area people have offered to take her in. I’m sure she isn’t getting the proper care she needs.


I’m afraid it won’t be long til that pit bull is a mommy again. The owners breeding her or just letting her run wild.
It’s so easy to take responsibility for our pets. They need our love, guidance and care!

Just like our human family, we need to step up and speak for our furry friends too!

See you soon!

9 thoughts on “Dumpster Dogs

  1. Those poor puppies are in a MUCH better place, safe from further harm, happy, healthy, and playing puppy games together now. I hope the poor mommy dog is found and rescued soon by someone who will love and care for her — and get her spayed before she can pregnant again. Karma will eventually visit with the human(?!) monster(s) responsible for the puppies’s suffering.

  2. That’s awful!! The poor mommy dog, I do hope they find her. I just can’t imagine the horrors these animal control people see. It breaks my heart that any animal is treated like that.

  3. It always amazes me how cruel people can be. Whenever I hear about someone’s cruelty there’s always someone whose worse.

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