The Vet

Splotchy was doing so well with much less limping. I thought the rest and supplements were helping.
We even went on a walk where I let her off her leash. She loved it and chased a butterfly!
She came home and was so much more frisky than normal. She did go a bit crazy trying once again to catch Squirrel.

She took a nap and when she woke, she was dragging her back leg. We called the vet and got her an appointment.
Luckily, they had a cancellation and could see her right away. We had to carry her in!

cocoa 038

She sure wasn’t happy to be there. I cried during the exam. The vet moved her back leg every which way. Made our baby whimper. The bad news; a torn ACL.

cocoa 037

The vet arranged for her to have surgery today, we went to pay the bill. Since we didn’t have the full amount, the surgery has been postponed. No payment plans available. The operation will cause $1,900. Poor Splotchy.
After bring her home, she rested for awhile. The vet gave her a shot for pain and I think it made her tired.
She has been walking find this weekend with only an occasional limp. Once and awhile she has a hard time standing up.
Hopefully, we can find a second opinion who has payment plans.

Quite the eventful weekend after all.
Please send us any tips and prayers for Splotchy. I’ve been reading that this injury is quite common in pits and larger breeds. The vet thinks her ACL might have been partially torn before. That was why she limped before. Then
by being extra active Friday afternoon, she tore it worse. She is the best dog, there isn’t any sign of pain.

I know we’ll figure something out. We always do.
june 006

Hope to see ya soon!

6 thoughts on “The Vet

  1. Hello, thanks for being my newest follower!! I just read your post about Spoltchy, I feel your pain. Gracie our 7 yr old yellow lab has a blown ACL as well. Actually she has two bad knees, severe arthritis in one and the other has a blown ACl, We couldn’t bring ourselves to having the surgery, with 8 weeks of rest in a crate, rehab etc. We felt that her “good” knee would than have to bear much too much stress and lack of exercise would cause more harm to the arthritic knee. So this is what we did….under our vets approval and supervision.
    Gracie was given 4 weeks of intense Adequan shots (two shots a week) to boost her up and now she is given 1 shot (dose determined by her weight) every 4-6 weeks. We limited her exercise somewhat but she still got a long walk everyday. The next thing is really what I feel changed her situation around the most. I decided to change her food. Gracie also has mega-esophgas so her food needs to be blended (but that has nothing to do with the knees) anyhow, I had been reading about Grain free food and decided to give it a try. I placed Gracie on Science diet grain free–we gave the Grain Free Natural Salmon and potato. She loves it!! and I noticed that she was really getting lean, very defined waist line and a noticeable difference in her activity. After about 3 weeks on this food she was doing “zoomies” again–something I had not seen in a long time as she was always limping, and very stiff in her rear legs.
    So at least for gracie, I’m all for this food and the adequan shots. It’s not cheap, but I like this better than the cost and worries of surgery. If you want, you can reach me at vjbloy(at)gmail(dot)com and I will be happy to share more.
    Good luck and thanks again for following us.
    val and the girlz 🙂

  2. Thanks so much! I was hoping someone had an alternative to surgery. We will check with our vet to see if we follow this plan instead. I’ve been trying to learn more about nutrition for our pets, too. The thought of surgery frightens me, esp with such a long healing process.

  3. We have had similar problems with our Teddy. We don’t want to do surgery but haven’t really found a solution. I have been thinking about changing his food. I just changed Scout’s to Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach and am hoping it makes a difference for him. If you come up with any good alternatives to surgery let us know! The comment from Val sounds like a good plan! Good luck!

  4. Callie had the ACL surgery back in February and is now doing GREAT. We don’t have room for a second crate in the house, so we had to improvise with puppy gates, turned-up cushions on the couch in the living room, and other inconveniences. She has moderate hip dysplasia in her left hip, but the rest after the surgery helped somewhat. And, the short, controlled walks around the yard were good exercise for both the knee and hip. I wish I could give you the money for the surgery for Splotchy, and the faith not to worry about the surgery. Perhaps you can find another vet who can not only help with the payment plans, but also make you more comfortable about the surgery.

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