My fur niece

I forgot all about my visit with my furry niece, Cocoa.

Splotchy is resting at my feet with her new pile of toys. I just had to stop at the pet shop and spoil her! She is doing well with her pain meds and slow walks.

cocoa 007

This is Cocoa! She’s an Australian Shepherd. If the family goes outside with her, she works so hard to herd us into one group! Now she isn’t a big fan of any other dogs in her territory. But, she loves it when her auntie brings treats.

cocoa 010

Slowly checking while I unpack the treats.
cocoa 011

Yes, it’s time to venture further.

cocoa 023

She really is a beauty. I’m afraid my pictures don’t do her justice at all. Cocoa is always on patrol protecting her house and her humans! I think her favorite pass time is looking out the window. She keeps an eye on the neighborhood.

cocoa 012

Told you she likes my treats! She really is a sweetheart.
cocoa 019

She also likes to get her picture taken!

I want to thank everyone for sending good thoughts our for Splotchy. The vet said since she is in no pain and walking with only a mild limp, postponing surgery is fine. Any signs of discomfort or any other problems and
we will have her there in no time. Amazing how quickly pets can enter our hearts. Everyone needs that unconditional love.
We are having flash flood warnings here, so I get to stay trapped in the house with the grandkids. This will probably
be one day I’m glad to go to work!
Hope to see ya soon!

7 thoughts on “My fur niece

  1. Cocoa says thanks for the compliments! She does love the treats. She sometimes sits in front of the refrigerator and begs! We are glad that Splotches feels ok. We will keep her in our prayers.

  2. You’re right. It’s amazing how quickly the pups worm their way into our hearts. I’m glad Splotchy is doing better.

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