Peaceful drive

Since I’ve been so stressed about Splotchy and finances lately, I decided to go off by myself. A peaceful drive in the country always seems to help.

cocoa 001

cocoa 003

I always think the shadows make a neat view.

cocoa 032

cocoa 004

For some reason I love the old barns in the area. I really wish those walls could talk. They must have interesting stories to tell.
Time to get back to reality a little relaxed and refreshed. I just ordered “super” supplements for Splotchy, along with a knee brace. This will give a chance to see which vet had the right advice! If this doesn’t show some improvement we will just have to go with the surgery.
Splotchy is standing at my side with her little butt wagging like crazy! This is her message to me that we need to go for a walk now!
Thanks again for all the advice and concern. It really does mean a lot to us.

See ya soon!

10 thoughts on “Peaceful drive

  1. Sometimes just going off by yourself to relax in peace and quiet is the best medicine. No matter what course of action you take with Splotchy, it will be the right one so long as you allow your heart to decide upon it.

  2. Good on you for taking some ‘time out’ – sometimes that’s so essential. It’s clear that you’re so dedicated and loving to Splotchy – I’m sure you’ll make the right decision.

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