Ear What?

I guess since I’ve been spending extra money on Splotchy and her medical problems, the cats felt left out.
A friend of ours came over to see the cute little kitties. She knows a lot more about them than I know. It didn’t take her long at all to tell me the two new kitties have ear mites. I know to watch out for ticks and fleas. I had never even heard of ear mites! Luckily, the medicine for those aren’t too crazy. They sure are creepy though. Reminds me of the one Star Trek show where creatures entered the brain through the ears!

kitties 027

6-12 020

I don’t have any pictures of them getting the drops since it takes about 5 hands to get it done! We put the drops in and then massage the ears. Sounds easy enough. So I wonder why I seem to get more on me than in their ears!

6-12 019

They seem to know when I plan to give them too. It takes longer to find those kitties than to administer the drops!
Not sure how Bendetta always finds the best hiding spots.

6-12 030

The good news is that after only a couple days, I think we took care of those nasty mites. Knock on wood that nothing new comes along.

I’m struggling this week since the grandkids are visiting other family members. I know they drive me bonkers but it really is too quiet here. No fighting, no xbox, not even a tiny apartment filled with half a dozen of their closest friends. What did I do with my time before they moved in? I always thought peace and quiet was highly over rated anyway.

Well, I hope they soon get back to the circus! A one-ring circus is no where near as much fun as the 3 ring circus I love!

Hope to see you all soon!


6 thoughts on “Ear What?

  1. I treasure my peace and quiet! I don’t get enough of it in the weekends! So, while hubby’s at work and Ducky’s at daycare, Callie, Shadow and I enjoy the peaceful lack of noise in the house.

  2. Ear mites are really common in kittens and in shelters, too. Cousin Shep arrived from the shelter with mites, and he’s still itchy after one treatment. But we let the vet supply the five hands to hold him down for the drops during his checkup!

  3. Oh my I remember when I was feral. The nice girl that took me off the street gave me that medicine when I wa very very little. About the same age as these little kitties. We still disappear when it is flea stuff time. We know! Meow!
    Purrs that your circus is going strong soon

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