Splotchy Update

I just wanted to update everyone on Slotchy. She really does seem to be doing a lot better. She has no signs of pain and her limping is lessening. I don’t know if it’s the brace (which she hates!), the supplements or the combination of both. As long as she is feeling better, I’m happy!

6-25 049

She just needs to take it easy for awhile in her favorite spot. At one time this was my recliner! She likes it because it’s right by the window and she can hear her daddy coming home. Grandma is just her second choice. Splotchy and I have both had a rough week because the grandkids are away. I’m not sure which of us is missing them most.

toys 001

This silly homemade toy is her favorite. An old sock stuffed with more old socks!

toys 003

This was a favorite until mean old grandma took it away! Believe it or not, it was once a baseball.
She wasn’t to happy when I took it away for her own safety!

I wonder if anyone else knows the answer? When Splotchy first came home to us, she was never interested in any toys. We would give her one and she would glance at it and walk away. Now these chew toys have become quite important to her. She doesn’t want any of us to play with them and quickly take them to her bed for safe keeping. This sudden interest in toys just seems strange to me.
more 003

If only I could read her mind! I’m afraid she might have simply been a breeder before we found her. Maybe nobody really cared enough to love her and let her play with any toys. Amazing what goes through this mind. Whatever happened before, we are doing our best to make up for it. She so loved and spoiled now that I hope her past is just a very distant memory.

Wishing everyone a very special day.
Hope to see you soon!


8 thoughts on “Splotchy Update

  1. Dogs (and other non-human animals) live in the now unless somehow prevented from doing so, so your Splotchy has probably put her past much further behind her than you realize. In her life with you and your family she has learned to love and to play. That’s all she cares about — she loves her family and home and you all love her. Leave it at that. I have to remind myself to do the same thing when it comes to Ducky. She knows she’s in her fur-ever home here with us, knows that we love her, and feels safe and secure. That’s all any dog wants — to have a fur-ever home, be loved and give love, and to feel safe and secure.

  2. That comment was right on the puppy! Some have really poor lives but when we have a chance at love, LOOK OUT. We are ready to give it back. Some that are really abused physically need more love but . Love wins out!

  3. That’s wonderful that Splotchy is feeling better. It just breaks your heart when your baby is in pain. It’s a helpless feeling. Those toys have been well-loved!! Have a great day!

  4. Doesn’t matter why she didn’t play with toys before. What counts is that with your love she’s having more fun and that includes toys.

    As for homemade or store bought – the smell of you on the socks beat the smell of manufactured toys..

    Jugs and licks, BJ Pup

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