Kitties on the Prowl

kitties 002

What tiny little kitties!

6-25 039

Can you see how they’re growing! Just like the grandkids, they’re growing up too fast!

6-26 001

Bendetta is venturing out into the living room to explore. GS does on a rare occasion. Splotchy doesn’t mind when the babies explore. The only problem is Squirrel and GS have a habit of hissing and growling at Splotch!
This just makes them so much more interesting to her.
6-26 001

I wonder what the chances are of the cats ganging up on poor Splotchy. So far, the biggest loser is always a scratched up nose of a certain unnamed ferocious pit!

6-26 007

No wonder Squirrel has been hitting the nip!
Hope the critters behave for awhile.
Hope to see ya soon!

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