The sun is shining

pets3 005

Anyone who knows me, knows I have suffered from depression for a while. I pretty much have it under control now, with more good than bad days. I think having my family near and our spoiled pets are a big factor. The right medicine, doctor and counseling are also important. I’ve been very lucky to have a great counselor who thinks my blogging as a form of journaling is very helpful.
My doctor also listens and supports my treatment.
My counselor recently moved a few towns over, but the drive isn’t really so bad. We’ve also cut way back on my sessions because she says I’m doing great.
Last week my doctor informed me she too is moving. Great, I thought, more gas to be guzzled.
She’s going to Africa to do missionary work! Really? I’m starting to get some major abandonment issues over hear!
Good for her! Imagine what a brave step she is taking in her life!
Maybe I should get a few more cats and dogs to counteract this new development!cute-dog-40

The more the merrier, right?th

course I can’t forget the cute kitties.



I’m sure the township will bend their ordinances about the number of pets in a home just this one time. Hey I think I might get a prescription from my doctor before she leaves!

Hope to see everyone soon

12 thoughts on “The sun is shining

  1. I’d love a houseful of cute, 7-week-old Golden Retriever puppies! For about 2 hours at a time. Having had 2 of them, 6 months apart, I know I’d go out of mind with 12 of them all at once!. 😜

  2. Africa’s a little far to go for an appointment. πŸ˜‰ I hope she had found someone she can recommend for you.

    Maybe one tiny puppy would do the trick….;-)

  3. Pets are the best medicine emotionally. i speak from experience; BJ saved me. Along with the other things you mentioned. I’m partial to dogs – the Golden pups look so cute.

    Hugs and Licks, BJ Pup

  4. My pets have been what have held me together all these years and saved my life more than once. I would definitely get that doctor to write a script for puppy breath and kittens tails! Who could go wrong with that!!

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