Monday meows

The kitties had quite the weekend!
After suffering from the nasty ear mite invasion, I wanted to clean them up a bit. They each had a bath. GS hated it, crying just a bit. Bendetta decided it was a fun adventure! He walked around in the tub enjoying the water. I didn’t even have any problems rinsing her off. I wish I had a video of them walking around when they were drying themselves off. Squirrel rushed to their aid with additional grooming help.

6-30 002

GS hides between the dresser and wall as soon as I walk in the room!

6-30 004

Believe it or not, GS thinks she’s hiding under one of the dressers. Cute, but not real bright.

6-30 002

6-30 006

Bendetta just relaxes in my wash basket without a care in the world!

6-30 001

Laying in the windowsill drying off the rest of the way. You might also notice they have pulled the blind apart!

Still, I wouldn’t change a thing!
Hope to see ya tomorrow!

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