Flies, Fleas and other Yucky Things!

c==off 002I’ve lived through the last heat wave.  The older I get the more the heat seems to bother me. Hard to believe how I used to love spending long days out in the summer sun. I would just love my summer tan and wonder why people complained about the heat.  Now, I like to say it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity!  It seems this summer has produced a bummer crop of flies, especially in my kitchen!  I stopped today to get some nasty fly strips.  We spent most of the weekend trying to get a handle on the flea outbreak that I am also blaming on the heat.  The Laundromat and vacuum got quite the workout. New flea collars and flea baths seemed to have helped, too. I really think that between the fleas and the flies biting me, I have about a quart of blood left flowing through my body!c==off 004c==off 003 I guess we can survive these little problems. The locusts aren’t bad around here this year. Maybe the fleas ate them!

Hope to see ya soon!

House hunting

1283111120U4uYc9Most readers know we have been semi-hunting for a ne house. It’s so time consuming! We really do need more space.

6-26 003

The kittens are growing like weeds and so are the grandkids!
My money tree seems to have dried up due to the heat wave. I remember my dad telling my sister and I to go out back and shake the money tree when we were young. We never did find the darn thing!


It won’t be long, I know how to keep the faith! The answer is just around the corner.

Hope to see ya soon!

Splotchy Update

31441_335198273281029_976076727_n6-12 0016-26 009

Splotchy is doing so much better! I can’t explain it. She’s playing more than ever.
Her new challenge is sneaking into the bedroom to check out the cats. Every day she spends a few minutes making sure they are all still there!
She has a slight limp, but nothing like it was. Thank goodness, we couldn’t afford the surgery recommended by her vet. She’s been running around here like a pup!
I’ve been giving her supplements like crazy and 90% of her snacks are homemade rather than store bought. I’m not sure if that makes a difference but we are so happy she isn’t in pain.

She even enjoys going on longer walks, but I’m making sure she doesn’t overdue it.
Maybe I should start taking her supplements myself! See if that doesn’t help my arthritis!

Hope to see ya soon!

We’re Back!

>A whole week with no computer!
It was awful. Should take about a month to catch up with the emails! I did lose some of my info. but hopefully not too much. I’m lucky to have a brother-in-law that is a computer genius. He tries to explain things to me like malware and other things. He should be used to my eyes glazing over by now. I don’t know if it’s worse to be without my blog or this killer heat wave. I think they just might be tied!
Poor Splotchy doesn’t even seem interested in going on our usual walks. Some days she just stops and turns back towards home7==22 013

I decided to get her a treat. The local supermarket has smoked beef bones at their deli. You can see she loves it!
7==22 012

She didn’t even care what the cats were up to!

.7==22 018

This is Squirrel in the kitchen. Not 2 feet away from Splotchy!!


I am a craigslist addict.
There I said it!
I’m not sure when my problem started, but it is a major one. The “free” section has taken control of me. Not that I have room for any of the free items. We have found some treasures there. I really believe it’s because I’m nosy and wonder about the people giving away their possessions.


But it breaks my heart at this time of year to see so many people offering free kittens. I want to go get them all.
Who knows who will respond to their ads? How can they be sure the kitties will be well cared for and loved?

And the biggest worry? What if no one responds to their ad?
Do they take to a shelter or dump them somewhere?


Maybe I should stay off Craigslist for a few days. Try to go cold turkey.

Hope to see ya soon!

Wild things

I’m surprised to be so glad that it’s a rainy, cool day here! After the last week of killer heat and humidity, the coolness is so welcomed. Hopefully the critters in the house will sleep better tonight! Yes I do mean both the 2 and 4 legged ones.
The bedroom looks like a tornado went through it. For some reason, those cats were extra wild last night! No pictures of all the damage, much too embarrassing! Squirrel usually sleeps at night but last night she was up trying to corral the kittens. She is very firm with her discipline. It just doesn’t always seem to work.

7-8 002

Both scratching pads were thrown about, just like their food and water dishes.

7-8 003

I guess I have to find a new spot for the kitty litter bag before it all gets dumped!

7-8 005

How do they make such a huge mess in such a tiny house.

I have to go in and wake them now. Payback!

hope everyone has a great day and
hope to see ya soon.

Hot, hot, hot!

We’ve been having quite the heat wave around here lately! Last night, it was so hot, everyone
slept in the living room.

Bendetta ran around the top of the sofa. Guess she felt safe up there.

7-8 007

G.S. is quite the graceful dancer.

7-8 010

She tries to keep an eye out for Splotchy. Even Squirrel was standing at the door thinking about getting brave. I know she’ll venture out any day now.

7-8 008

Splotchy isn’t quite sure what to make of this new development.

The weatherman says we will be getting a bit of a break soon. Hopefully, he’s right.

Hope to see ya soon!RedRover_MDIC_pledge-card_shareable

Half way Point

Hard to believe the Fourth of July is tomorrow! Halfway point of summer vacation! Even though we haven’t traveled the world or any other major adventures, we’ve had a nice summer so far.

6-25 033

Splotchy is having a relaxing nap. Her dreams of attacking the vet are probably keeping her happy.

6-25 045

GS (Good Squirrel) is chilled out. This is her “I really don’t care about you people” look.
We seem to see this look quite often.

6-25 020

I can’t even imagine what goes on in this mind! As the runt of the litter, she seems to be trying to take over the house.

6-25 047

Squirrel and I seem to be spending our summer watching over our family. Our work is never done with this crew!

See ya soon!

Monkey Blues

Splotchy seem to be getting used to these crazy kitties. I thought they even enjoyed sharing their toys. Yesterday Bendetta and GS decided to look for their cute little monkey!

6-25 046

The monkey is missing. Bendetta can’t find it anywhere.

kitties 027

GS was searching far and wide.

6-12 003

The last sighting was a few days ago. Splotchy was taking quite good care of him.

7-2 001


7-2 003

A tragic discovery!

No suspects at the moment.
No leads in the case.

6-26 009

Or is there?

Hope to ya soon!