Half way Point

Hard to believe the Fourth of July is tomorrow! Halfway point of summer vacation! Even though we haven’t traveled the world or any other major adventures, we’ve had a nice summer so far.

6-25 033

Splotchy is having a relaxing nap. Her dreams of attacking the vet are probably keeping her happy.

6-25 045

GS (Good Squirrel) is chilled out. This is her “I really don’t care about you people” look.
We seem to see this look quite often.

6-25 020

I can’t even imagine what goes on in this mind! As the runt of the litter, she seems to be trying to take over the house.

6-25 047

Squirrel and I seem to be spending our summer watching over our family. Our work is never done with this crew!

See ya soon!

6 thoughts on “Half way Point

  1. Yee Haa Happy 4th.
    Oh My Cat time is flying. Kitties are flying too at our house as we are back home from Dads office. Meow

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