Wild things

I’m surprised to be so glad that it’s a rainy, cool day here! After the last week of killer heat and humidity, the coolness is so welcomed. Hopefully the critters in the house will sleep better tonight! Yes I do mean both the 2 and 4 legged ones.
The bedroom looks like a tornado went through it. For some reason, those cats were extra wild last night! No pictures of all the damage, much too embarrassing! Squirrel usually sleeps at night but last night she was up trying to corral the kittens. She is very firm with her discipline. It just doesn’t always seem to work.

7-8 002

Both scratching pads were thrown about, just like their food and water dishes.

7-8 003

I guess I have to find a new spot for the kitty litter bag before it all gets dumped!

7-8 005

How do they make such a huge mess in such a tiny house.

I have to go in and wake them now. Payback!

hope everyone has a great day and
hope to see ya soon.

6 thoughts on “Wild things

  1. Oh my! We have only dogs — neither one of us considers ourselves to be “cat people”, though I do love (non-human) animals in general — and if they ever made such a mess, we would probably stay mad for about 15 seconds and then laugh until it hurt.

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