I am a craigslist addict.
There I said it!
I’m not sure when my problem started, but it is a major one. The “free” section has taken control of me. Not that I have room for any of the free items. We have found some treasures there. I really believe it’s because I’m nosy and wonder about the people giving away their possessions.


But it breaks my heart at this time of year to see so many people offering free kittens. I want to go get them all.
Who knows who will respond to their ads? How can they be sure the kitties will be well cared for and loved?

And the biggest worry? What if no one responds to their ad?
Do they take to a shelter or dump them somewhere?


Maybe I should stay off Craigslist for a few days. Try to go cold turkey.

Hope to see ya soon!

13 thoughts on “Free?

  1. Your concern for those kittens is one reason why I don’t even look at craigslist…I would be the same way, only my concern would morph into anger at the people who post those ads. Then there’s that incident some years ago where the guy raped and murdered a girl he “met” on craigslist. That is NOT the kind of website I want to visit.

  2. I do get angry at those posts, but prefer people post instead of just tossing the poor animals out the door.
    If I didn’t know better, I’d swear my sister sent me your comment. She says the exact same thing!

  3. It is distressing to see all the free kittens on Craigslist or in the freebie section of the newspaper. I work with a group that does TNR (trap/neuter/release) and I, and others in my group, search the listings for such ads in our local area. We will take all of the kittens we can get and find foster homes for them until they are old enough to to spayed/neutered. We work closely with our local humane society to then find homes for these little ones.

    We also offer to spay the mama cat when we pick up the kittens.

    One of my furbabies was dumped along side the road when she was only four weeks old. When she was found she was starving and dehydrated. I nursed her back to health but it was touch and go. Nine months later she is a healthy happy little girl and the most loving cat I have.

  4. Wow, that sounds like a terrific program! Is there any way I can find out more.? I would love to start a program like that around here if there isn’t one already. It would be a perfect way to get over the feelings of guilt for not being able to save them all.

  5. I do wonder if ‘backyard breeders’ do advertise on craigslist and the like. Even puppy mill dogs can be advertised. It’s too heartbreaking for me to look at those type of sites as a result.

  6. Mommy doesn’t look at Craigslist cause it breaks her heart to see all of the kittens, puppies and dogs that people are offering for free. You never know what kind of home they will end up in or if they will end up in a home. Everyone should spay and neuter their pets and mommy seriously believes that the shelters should be no kill! Wouldn’t that be awesome if all the shelters were no kill shelters! But of course, we’re sure that all of us dog and cat people would love to see no kill shelters everywhere!

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