Splotchy Update

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Splotchy is doing so much better! I can’t explain it. She’s playing more than ever.
Her new challenge is sneaking into the bedroom to check out the cats. Every day she spends a few minutes making sure they are all still there!
She has a slight limp, but nothing like it was. Thank goodness, we couldn’t afford the surgery recommended by her vet. She’s been running around here like a pup!
I’ve been giving her supplements like crazy and 90% of her snacks are homemade rather than store bought. I’m not sure if that makes a difference but we are so happy she isn’t in pain.

She even enjoys going on longer walks, but I’m making sure she doesn’t overdue it.
Maybe I should start taking her supplements myself! See if that doesn’t help my arthritis!

Hope to see ya soon!

9 thoughts on “Splotchy Update

  1. I’m so happy for Splotchy! you know I was taking some Krill Oil supplements that I won from a dog blog (!) and they really did help my arthritis

  2. That is awesome! Maybe I should try some of those supplements on Teddy and see if they help him. Thanks for voting! You can vote once per day until the 22nd so if you aren’t busy and have the time to vote we would really appreciate it and so would our animal shelter! Thanks again!

  3. Splotchy is beautiful! Glad we ran into your blog 🙂 Supplements are a huge help for animals… and it looks and sounds like you are doing a great job with her. Wishing you all…all the best! ~My Dog Paws xoxo

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