House hunting

1283111120U4uYc9Most readers know we have been semi-hunting for a ne house. It’s so time consuming! We really do need more space.

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The kittens are growing like weeds and so are the grandkids!
My money tree seems to have dried up due to the heat wave. I remember my dad telling my sister and I to go out back and shake the money tree when we were young. We never did find the darn thing!


It won’t be long, I know how to keep the faith! The answer is just around the corner.

Hope to see ya soon!

12 thoughts on “House hunting

  1. If you ever find the money tree, let me know, I’ll take a cutting and plant one. I know how you feel about house hunting. I’ve been looking for a 1 bedroom apartment with a terrace on the Upper West Side of NYC for more than a year. If you or your blog friends hear of one, please let me know.

  2. Funny, my Mom used to say the same thing to me about the money tree — and I could never find it either.

  3. House hunting is soooo exhausting, especially finding one that will allow your precious furbabies. We are so grateful to have found our little cottage.

  4. My dad use to say that too and still does! I hate house hunting and then moving is even worse! But after it is all done, it will have been worth it! Good luck:)

  5. Yes that is true.Things have a way of working out. But I still remember to say
    I Love you Guys!
    Timmy and Family

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