I am sitting here in a state of utter exhaustion.

Is there really anything as draining as taking an 11 and 13 year old shopping for clothes? It really should be considered a form of torture. I know I would have given up government secrets in a heartbeat to make the pain go away!

Of course, it isn’t easy to even get them out of bed in the first place.c==off 004






But I did it!  Almost ready…shoes on..found the keys…lining up!!  Wait there’s a knock at the door.  It’s the landlord!   What?  The apartment house is having a major sewer back up and can I flush the toilet when the repairmen asks?

Are you kidding me??

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I want to tear him apart just like Splotchy does with her bones!

Wait, I can’t do that(and get away with it).  Deep breath. Calm and cool.

Finally on our way to the mall.  No teenagers want to look at clothes when they get to the mall! They do, however, try to humor grandma when smoke begins coming out her ears. I will survive this!! Happy thoughts!

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Driving in the country, alone. That;s it, I’ll go to my happy place!

Hope to see ya soon!









We’re back

We took a long break from blogging! I really missed it, but there are times when we need that break. Sometimes, it’s just too hard to focus on too many things.  The circus is still as wild as ever! The kittens are growing like crazy. Splotchy is doing great except the cats seem to terrorize her daily!Image

At least G.S and Squirrel have become best friends.


Splotchy is so spoiled. She has more toys than the kids!


No, G.S. hasn’t been crushed by the recliner!  This is her new favorite spot.



Have a great day everyone!

Hope to see ya soon!