Winter Blahs

Yeah, I got em bad and winter really hasn’t even kicked in yet!

Seems like we had a short spring followed by a rainy few months. It never really felt like summer except for the few weeks of the heatwave.  Maybe it’s a sign of my getting older but everything, especially the weather seems so extreme!

I’ve been thinking about just hibernating the winter away!

Oh that’s right , I have to pay the bills!

Always something to pee in my cheerios!

But to make me feel better, I just count my blessings!

I know after a hard evening at work, I have love waiting for me at home.

It seems there’s always one of my grandkids sound asleep in my bed waiting for me.

There’s always Splotchy to come running to meet me and three crazy cats purring away.


Splotchy just doesn’t realize she’s in a laundry basket instead of a fancy doggie bed!


She lets me know it’s important to be content in any circumstances.


We can learn from G.S. to enjoy fine dining right out of the bag. Who needs fancy china?

I am trying to just enjoy the moment. Sometimes I just need my circus to remind me of what is really important in life!


Hope to see ya all soon!

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