Back to school in 2014

Today was the first day of school for the kids. Seems like that Christmas vacation was so long.  It’s always a mixed back of emotions when they go back.
Part of me wants to jump for joy! Another part misses having them around. Since I work second shift, I only seem to see them when they have days off.

pets 002

Now someone was quite thrilled to take the kids back to school! Splotchy was wide-eyed and ready to take her spot in the car. She was busy watching everything!

Now that the holidays are over, The cats will be unhappy that they lost their favorite climbing tree.


There’s an old tradition called ” Find the Pickle” where we would search for the pickle ornament. We played “Find Bendetta.”


Squirrel just never knows what to make of her adopted boys!

Hope to see you real soon!

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