True Friends

This is the time of year when we are all still filled with love. Christmas brings out the best in everyone.
I just wanted to share the story of friends working together!


Splotchy has decided to help G.S. find the catnip!


The stuffing seems to be getting in the way.


Who says Pits are scary? These guys have always seemed to get along better than anybody I know.


Once all the stuffing was out all over the floor, G.S. and Bendetta just rolled around on it. Never saw such happy cats!


It was pretty exciting for Bendetta. You can see his usual playroom is the inside of the water bottle package.

Ah, the joy of friendship!

Hope to see ya soon.

7 thoughts on “True Friends

  1. People who know little about animals say silly things like, “fighting like cats and dogs”, etc. We, who know animals know better. Your guys are examples.

  2. Hey, I have a quick question I wanted to ask you about your blog, do you think you could send me an email when you get this? Thanks! Tiffany

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