So Thankful!

I spent last night away from home .

No wild and crazy parties for me. Stayed the night with my baby sister who had major surgery on Monday morning.  Surgery at 5:45 in the morning to be exact.  Who in the world schedules surgery at that crazy hour of the morning?

But thank God, it went better than expected. Instead of going to ICU she went straight to a regular room.

Times like this make you cherish your loved ones. So before I head back to the hospital for moral support, I thought I’d share some of her favorite pictures.

6-12 019


Hope to see you soon!

june 013

May 22 003


4 thoughts on “So Thankful!

  1. Hi! It’s the baby sister! I wanted to thank you all for the kind responses. I truly appreciate them. And a huge thank you for my big sister taking care of me. We are always there for each other. Luckily, so far one of us is strong while the other needs help!

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