Privacy, Please!

101_1190I don’t know about any one else, but I never go to the bathroom alone!


I’m surprised Splotchy hasn’t invited herself yet. Of course, she’s alittle scared of these crazy cats!


It reminds me of toddlers who always follow mom everywhere.
I don’t care. I love having them with me, even in inappropriate places!


If they let me out,
I hope to see ya soon!



4 thoughts on “Privacy, Please!

  1. OMG!!! I m STILL laughing because I know exactly how you feel!! Shadow and Ducky follow me around the house constantly, including the bathroom, unless they’re sound asleep! I guess they just want to be sure they don’t miss anything. Callie will follow me around if there’s a thunderstorm brewing in the area, or if Sam is in an ugly mood; but usually will settle on the bathroom floor or in the hallway between the kitchen and bedrooms.

  2. I’ve had cats and or dogs since 1972 and have not been to the bathroom alone since. When BJ sees me in the bathroom putting on makeup, he starts to whine and “talk” because I think he knows I’m going out soon.

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