Another Snow Day

feb 14-2014 012

At this rate, the kids will be going to school half the summer and I’ll be fired!

I know it could be worse and we’ve been lucky here for many years.


I don’t know if it’s the weather or some added responsibilities, but I can feel my mood dropping.
I was wondering what other do when the drag of the job and bills get them down. If only I could afford to stay home and post on my blog. I enjoy participating in craft shows and love having the chance to try to make extra money that way. But these darn bills keep coming! I think I just get bored sometimes. I know it’s not all sunshine and roses, but I am very blessed with so much. I hate when I get down. I often think the occasional downs frighten me because I worry about just how down I will go.
If anyone has suggestions, I’m all ears.
Spring really needs to hurry up!

Hope to see ya soon


What A Sight!

It always amazes me how many new sights we see on our travels. Taking my grandson and his friends to their games can be a trial at times. I really don’t usually enjoy the travel time involved. But on one of our game day trips, we juast had to pull over to investigate further!


I admit I’m not much of a country girl, so we really had no idea what this thing was!


From what we discovered, we think we saw a breed of highland cattle. They aren’t very common around here, but seem to be growing in popularity.


Really, I think this is a wild an animal as I want to be around!

See ya!

Winter woes

Good grief, I am so sick of winter weather!!

Even Splotchy is tired of it. 101_1309

It can be beautiful. But I think we’ve had enough. Splotchy loves to play in the snow, but not if it’s snowing.  She just looks at the stuff falling down and turns back to the door!


She was quite upset this morning. We went walking and she was fine while we were on land. The alleys and roads were slushy and wet. She would step on the ice and sink down to the cold water below it. I wish I had a picture of the way she spread open her paws!178

I’m pretty sure spring will get here someday?

pets 001

This is the weather we look forward to!

And to seeing ya soon!