Another Snow Day

feb 14-2014 012

At this rate, the kids will be going to school half the summer and I’ll be fired!

I know it could be worse and we’ve been lucky here for many years.


I don’t know if it’s the weather or some added responsibilities, but I can feel my mood dropping.
I was wondering what other do when the drag of the job and bills get them down. If only I could afford to stay home and post on my blog. I enjoy participating in craft shows and love having the chance to try to make extra money that way. But these darn bills keep coming! I think I just get bored sometimes. I know it’s not all sunshine and roses, but I am very blessed with so much. I hate when I get down. I often think the occasional downs frighten me because I worry about just how down I will go.
If anyone has suggestions, I’m all ears.
Spring really needs to hurry up!

Hope to see ya soon


7 thoughts on “Another Snow Day

  1. I was thinking you should start going to church again. And there’s a saying somewhere about taking things day by day and if that’s too much minute by minute and if that’s too much second by second.

  2. we are supposed to have 3 to 5 more inches today too then a thaw……..bring on the flooding! You aren’t alone with your mood, My mood, and the moods of soooooooo many have been deeply affected by this awful weather! ((((hugs)))))

  3. It has been proven that many people become down even depressed at this time of year because we aren’t in the sunlight.enough. You might consider buying a light specifically for giving you those needed rays. They have become popular and not too expensive.

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