Grandmas been busy!

Yes, I’ve been busy!

I’ve been at different yard sales and craft shows. Selling my Jerky.  They have all kinds of jerky, even pet jerky! made in the USA. Splotchy thinks it tastes great. 

I do enjoy getting out and about with my cards, flyers and jerky samples. We always have something to add to a yard sale. We might just be able to save enough for that house down payment after all.Image



 Fruit snacks, turkey jerky, beef jerky, even buffalo!   Low in fat, High in protein.

The grocery bill alone for these pets and grandkids is enough to knock your socks off.

I’m praying this is a big success.

See ya soon and I’ll keep ya updated.    



My Best Excuse Ever!

I had the perfect excuse for being late to work this morning. I get up early and take my son to work before I rush home and finish getting ready for my commute. It can be a little crazy sometimes depending on traffic.101_1670Can you believe this? It really was sweet to see all the cars stop to let them pass. I guess they had somewhere to go. They just crossed the street and sat. Really seemed like they decided to sit and watch the traffic! 101_1671                 Certainly brightened an otherwise dreary day. 101_1672


I just wish my pictures would have come out better!

Don’t ya think my boss would have gone for it?

Enjoy your day!



Very shameless plug!   …


The Next Act

I sure have a been gone for a while.

I must say I have no idea how many times I’ve sat down to post and changed my mind.  There are days when I look over the old posts and wonder what happened. One thing I still like to do, is read the comments!  These blogs really are the greatest idea ever!

Nothing much has really changed. I am once again starting a side business and loving it. I really think I found the one this time.

The critters here at the circus are wild as ever. Of course, summer vacation is here for the kids. That always lifts my spirits. I just can’t believe that they are 12 and 14 years old already!


This is Splotchy’s reaction when I told her to get in the back seat.

See ya soon!